Limits Monitoring

This platform tool for trade capture and reporting supports more effective post-trade risk management processes by providing tools for near-real time processing for the entire exchange traded annuity marketplace. This platform will be designed to offer a single, centralized aggregated view of all U.S. exchange traded annuities submitted for clearance. This risk management tool will provide insurer clearing member firms and the annuity industry with an early warning system that alerts member clearing firms to trading activity that is nearing the credit limits they have set for their own and their correspondents’ accounts, enabling them to step in and effectively manage potential risk. Clearing firms can utilize the information generated by this risk mitigation tool to help determine what action is appropriate for their executing firm.

The ability to see and respond to trading limit breaks. Input and update risk limits, breach alerts and start-of-day exposure while monitoring individual daily trading limits in near-real time.

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