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Gilgal Generalis working on developing electronic exchange trading for annuities globally on its GAPEX platform. The company is also working on developing clearing and settlement services for exchange-traded annuities and “other” over-the-counter annuities through its clearinghouse, Gilgal General Clearing. Gilgal General's products and services ensure that insurers and re-insurers around the world can effectively manage risk and achieve growth.

Gilgal General provides clearing, settlement, risk management, central counterparty services, and a guarantee of completion for certain transactions for virtually all insurer-to-insurer trades involving exchange traded annuities through our trade execution platform GAPEX. Gilgal General Clearing is developing trade applications that will net all exchange traded annuity contract trades and payments among its insurer and re-insurerparticipants, reducing the value of contracts and payments that need to be exchanged. The clearing platform will clear and settle all its exchange traded annuities on the platform within a "T+2" basis. The technology infrastructure will also provide real-time trade matching (RTTM), clearing, risk management, and netting for all exchange traded annuities in the U.S. market.

With a range of pre- and post-trade products and services under development that will underpinned the entire lifecycle of exchange traded annuities, Gilgal General isworking on application developments for trade optimization and reconciliation services and trade processing services.

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