Gilgal General Direct

Access Gilgal General annuities and block markets all on one screen with Gilgal General Direct, a fast, secure and highly-configurable trading front-end. Access to both Gilgal GAPEX and Gilgal General Clear Port with a single interface. Benefit from the deep liquidity and transparency of Gilgal General markets and uncover new trading opportunities.

Directed Request for Quote (DRFQ)

Directed Request for Quote (DRFQ) in Gilgal General Direct revolutionizes the process for privately negotiated transactions, providing technology to optimize block trading in exchange eligible annuities.

Connecting the Marketplace

Gilgal General Direct augments Gilgal General’s existing, open access model by providing an easy, inexpensive way to view and trade all Gilgal General products via a single exchange-sponsored system.

Gilgal General Direct Mobile

Trade and manage your risk on the go with Gilgal General Direct Mobile, a full-feature trading system that provides seamless connectivity between Gilgal General Direct and your mobile device.

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